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The SRA Project accepts
donations for purposes of:

1. Covering Project Expenses
2. Advertising in order to educate our customers on topics of concern to self-representing glass artists.

Please understand that you DO NOT have to make a donation in order to be listed as a self-representing artist. This is a voluntary donation with no strings attached!!

ANSWERS| becoming a member of this project

There are many groups of self representing artists.
This group's basic mission is to support and promote self representing glass artists.

Who may join?
Any artist who works in glass and sells their or their immediate family's glass work. Members may NOT sell imported mass produced glass work under the SRA logo. A member may sell mass produced items on pages that do NOT display the SRA logo.
This group's main emphasis is for helping jewelry designers find glasswork made by Self Representing Artists.  This group is not for finished items that contain anything other than SRA made components. If you are a Self Representing artist who specialize’s in glass. (melt, grind, cut….etc…)

If you are a jewelry designer, there is a great group being formed at: http://www.hathorrising.com/SRAJD/InfoPage.htm

What do I get as a member?
1. Once accepted as member, you will receive a membership number to place directly beneath the approved logo in your auctions, webpages etc.. Membership numbers are mandatory.
2. You may also be listed in an online directory of self representing glass artists. This is not mandatory.
3. We encourage members to use the letters SRA in their auction titles to help customers find us. This is not mandatory.
4. Members may link to additional information depending upon the link rules of the site your items are displayed on. As for ebay, place your SRA link on your "ME" page.

Dues or Fees?
At this time there are no dues or fees. Please remember this project is in it's infancy and if the members decide at a later date to have a seperate website, there may be dues or donations to help cover the cost of the website and/or domain registration cost. We realize that for many of us our money is hard earned, so we are striving to keep membership free or of very little cost.

What do I do if I see someone I suspect is using the logo without permission?
Please report the information to our email (below).
A committee consisting of myself and other members will investigate and report if necessary.

Sounds great, how do I join?
In order to qualify for our SRA registration project we must visually prove that you are a glass artist selling your own glass work and designs, not imports or other artist's work.

Please send the following info:

This info will be listed on our website. Please send in the listed format (easier for us to process that way).

1.     Name

2.     Studio Name

3.     Website Addy

4.     Ebay Id

5.     Justbeads Id

6.     Annealer Boutique Id

7.     Etsy Id

Also please either send links to your work online or send up to 3 pictures of your work, a photo of your studio and list any glass organizations you belong to. If your business is just newly getting started it might be easier to wait a few months and apply again to the SRA project once you are more established. What we are looking for is pictorial evidence that you are actually making your own pieces and not importing them or selling from other artists. That's why the need for visual verification. We do not judge your style or quality levels, however.


For last names beginning with letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L please send this to:


For last names beginning with letters M, N, O, P, Q, R please send this to:


For last names beginning with letters S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z  please send to:



email: Melinda at SRA
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