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What does SRA stand for?

Self Representing Artist

What is a Self Representing Artist?
A self representing artist is someone who creates and sells their or their immediate families work. A self representing artist does not sell mass produced beads under the SRA logo.

Why buy from Self Representing Artist?
A self representing artist has spent a great deal of time perfecting their work. They love their work and want their clients to love it to. The love of the art is what keeps the self representing artist creating. Most self representing artists have quality guarantees. If you have a problem with an item purchased, most artists will work with you to make it right. A self representing artist's reputation for creating and selling quality items is very important to them.

What should I know about mass produced glass items?
In many circumstances the glass items may not have been cleaned properly. In the case of lampwork beads, the holes are not cleaned of the bead release. The jewelry designer must clean the bead release which can cause an inhalation hazard from the bead release dust. Many times the items are not annealed or you have no guarantee that they have been annealed properly. Many times the bead holes are rough and can cut the stringing material.

What is annealing?
Annealing is a process of holding and cooling the glass at the proper temperatures. Different types of glass have different temperature requirements. If the glass is cooled too quickly, the glass has stress. This stress can cause the glass item to break immediately, months or years later.

What does the SRA logo mean?
When you see this logo, you will be assured that the seller is selling only their or their immediate families work. They have been approved by a committee to display the logo. Some sellers will eventually link this logo to a master list of SRA artists. Anyone using the logo without permission will be guilty of copyright infringement and will be reported. SRA artists come from all around the world. When you buy from an SRA artist you are supporting the artist directly, not the middle man.

What if I like someone's items and they do not display the logo?
There are many SRA artists who may sell without the logo. This is where you as a buyer are going to have to do a bit of sleuthing. Check this sellers other auctions. In general, if they have hundreds of items selling at a time, you can guess that they probably did not make all those items. In the case of lampwork beads, look at the bead holes, they should be cleaned of release.

Look for This Logo on Websites, on Auctions etc...

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