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 SRA Number: D1
 Name: Chris Dalrymple
 Studio Name: Elemental Mojo
 Website Address:
SRA Number: D40
 Name: Evelyn Duberry
 Studio Name: ShebaMakeda Glass Art
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: ShebaMakeda
 Etsy ID: ShebaMakeda
SRA Number: D2
 Name: Disa Baylis
 Studio Name: Dream Muse Designs
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: dream_muse_designs
 Just Beads ID: DreamMuse

SRA Number: D41
 Name: Sherri Donohue
 Studio Name: Intuibead
 Website Address:

 SRA Number: D3
 Name: Jenna Dees
 Studio Name: Hypnotics Art Glass
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: taylen22
SRA Number: D42
 Name: Josette Joann Doyle
 Studio Name: Simply Josette
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: justmommyandme
 SRA Number: D4
 Name: Elle Dowd
 Studio Name: Rainforestbeads
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: rainforestbeads
 Just Beads ID: rainforestbead
SRA Number: D43
 Name: Carla Di Francesco
 Studio Name: Cosmic Candy
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: carleedf
 SRA Number: D5
 Name: Pattie Dockery
 eBay ID: rosiescreations
SRA Number: D44
 Name: Fabienne Dixon
 Studio Name:
 Website Address:
 SRA Number: D6
 Artist Name: Lily Dickson
 Studio Name: Hotbeadbox
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: 2hotbox
 Just Beads ID:
SRA Number: D45
 Name: Deborah Dew
 Studio Name: Precious
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: dewdebb
 SRA Number: D7
 Name: Pam Dugger
 Studio Name: River of Glass Studio
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: lady-fish
SRA Number: D46
 Name: Misty Darrington
 Studio Name: Gemma Beads
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: gemmabeads
 Etsy ID:
 SRA Number: D8
 Name: Evangeline Dowling
 Studio Name: Desert Oasis Studio
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: desertoasisstudio
 Just Beads ID: Vangie
SRA Number: D47
 Name: Mrs. Carol Douglas
 Studio Name: Bead Eruption
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: glassyzara
 SRA Number: D9
 Name: Anne Dundas
 Studio Name: Frivolous Fancies Lampwork Beads
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: annesbeadyobsession
SRA Number: D48
 Name: Karen Draper
 Studio Name: 4Paw Design
 Website Address:
 SRA Number: D10
 Name: Lisa Diamont
 Studio Name: One of a Kind Designs
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: ldiamont
 Just Beads ID: lisadiamont
SRA Number: D49
 Name: Eric Daly
 Studio Name: River House Art Glass
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: Onewithflame
 SRA Number: D11
 Name: Anna Lea Duhame
 Studio Name: ALD Designs
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: alddesigns
SRA Number: D50
 Name: Holly Dare
 Studio Name: Holly's Folly - Glass
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: rottwlrmom
 Just Beads ID: rottwlrmom
 SRA Number: D12
 Name: Lori Denny
 Studio Name: Shawnee Lampwork
 eBay ID: shawneelampwork
SRA Number: D51
 Name: Anne Dodd
 Studio Name: Spare Time Designs
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: mrsmopar2u
 SRA Number: D13
 Name: Michelle Diehl
 Studio Name: Bead Spirit
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: beadspiritsd
SRA Number: D52
 Name: Sylvie Dreyfus
 Studio Name: Sylvie D
 Website Address:
 SRA Number: D14
 Name: Sarah Downton
 Studio Name: Sarah Downton
 Website Address:
SRA Number:D53
 Name: Ann Davenport
 Studio Name: Quarter Moon Glassworks
 eBay ID: Quarter*Moon*Glassworks
SRA Number: D15
 Name: Lenda Dewyer
 Studio Name: Lenda Beads Lampwork
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: lendadewyer
 Just Beads ID: lendadewyer
SRA Number: D54
 Name: Steve and Erin Davenport
 Studio Name: Firelily Glass Studio
 Website Address:
SRA Number: D16
 Name: Patricia Doyle
 Studio Name: Bella Vista Glass
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: bellavistabeads
 Just Beads ID: bellavistabeads
SRA Number: D55
 Name: Kathryn Dotson
 Studio Name: Greenhouse Beads
 Website Address:
 SRA Number: D17
 Name: Kathy Dick
 Studio Name: Kathy's Creations Jewelry
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: Grimsby_Girl
 Just Beads ID:
SRA Number: D56
 Name: Courtney Davis
 Studio Name: Courtney B. Designs
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: CourtneyBDesigns
 Etsy ID:
 SRA Number: D18
 Name: Charma Rose Daniel
 Studio Name: Charma Rose Designs
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: CharmaRose_Designs
 Just Beads ID: Charma Rose
SRA Number: D57
 Name: Gina M. DeStevens
 Studio Name: GMD Lampwork
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: gmdcrafts
 Just Beads ID: gmdcrafts
 Etsy ID:
 SRA Number: D19
 Name: Jamie Dickerson
 Studio Name: jk Dezigns Handmade Lampwork Beads,
                     Jewelry and Accessories

 Website Address:
 eBay ID:
SRA Number: D58
 Name: Alpha Devoss
 Studio Name: Glass Musings
 eBay ID: cej4me
SRA Number: D20
 Name: Liz DeLuca
 Studio Name: Creative Arty Facts
 Website Address:
SRA Number: D59
 Name: Sarah J. Demo
 Studio Name: Turtle Pond Beadery
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: sarahbeader
 SRA Number: D21
 Name: Jamie Dierks
 Studio Name: Jamie's Studio
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: jllbead
 Just Beads ID: jamied
SRA Number: D60
 Name: Dae
 Studio Name: Alleycatz
 eBay ID:
 Etsy ID:
 SRA Number: D22
 Name: Marie Dyson
 Studio Name: Homegrown Gems
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: homegrown_gems_lampwork
SRA Number: D61
 Name: Charlotte Dakin-Norris
 Studio Name: Big Bang Beads
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: bigbangbeads
 Etsy ID:

 SRA Number: D23
 Name: Karolen Deupree

 eBay ID: karolen12
 Just Beads ID: sunflower33

SRA Number: D62
 Name: Trudi Doherty
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: shine-on2
 SRA Number: D24
 Name: Katie Darden
 Studio Name:Fireblessed Art
 Website Address 1:
 Website Address 2:
 eBay ID: Katie Darden     eBay ID 2: Magical_Design_Studio
 Etsy ID:
SRA Number: D63
 Name: Karen Delaney
 Studio Name: Delaney Flame
 eBay ID: pacificsanddollar
 Just Beads ID: texassand
 Etsy ID:
 SRA Number: D25
 Name: Kelly Dunagan
 Studio Name: Creative Temptations
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: irishkelly2002
SRA Number: D64
 Name: Anke Dargel
 Studio Name: RUHRge BEAD
 Website Address:
 SRA Number: D26
 Name: Anne DeSousa
 Studio Name: The Birds and the Beads
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: mombird67
 Just Beads ID: mombird67
SRA Number: D65
 Name: Isabella Della-Rowere
 Studio Name: Izzy's Beads
 Website Address:
 SRA Number: D27
 Name: Debra Dufrene
 Studio Name: DebiDeaux Designs
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: debideaux
 Just Beads ID: debideaux
SRA Number: D66
 Name: Claire Doherty
 Studio Name:
 Website Address:
 SRA Number: D28
 Name: Pauline Delaney
 Studio Name:
 Website Address:
SRA Number: D67
 Name: Samantha Darnbrough
 Studio Name: Beady Sam Glass
 Website Address:
 Etsy ID: BeadySam
 SRA Number: D29
 Name: Kristine Dery
 Studio Name: Krissy Beads
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: krissybeads
 Just Beads ID: krissybeads
SRA Number: D68
 Name: Ellen Dooley
 Studio Name: Ellen Dooley Lampwork
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: edooley
 Etsy ID:
 SRA Number: D30
 Name: Shirley Dortch
 Studio Name: Maddy's Lampwork Studio
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: dortchs
SRA Number: D69
 Name: Deb DiSalvo
 Studio Name: Artistic Flair
 Website Address:
 SRA Number: D31
 Name: Rachel Dawes
 Studio Name: Rachel's Lampwork
 Website Address:
SRA Number: D70
 Name: Chuck and Carolyn Driver
 Studio Name: Blue Heeler Glass
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: bluhealer
 Just Beads ID: bluhealer
 SRA Number: D32
 Name: Marie Dransfield
 Studio Name: Serendipity Beads
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: ladytilly26
SRA Number: D71
 Name: Mariangeka Drager
 Studio Name: Florida Glass Girl
 Website Address:
 SRA Number: D33
 Name: Carole Donnellon
 Studio Name: These Jewels Rock
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: These_Jewels_Rock!
SRA Number: D72
 Studio Name:
 Website Address:
 SRA Number: D34
 Name: Diana Dunn
 Studio Name: Fusion Illusion Art Glass
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: fusionillusionartglass
SRA Number: D73
 Name: Omur Duruerk
 Studio Name: Karma Design Studio
 Website Address:
Website Address 2:
 Etsy ID:
 SRA Number: D35
 Name: Patricia Dugmore
 Studio Name: pjBeads
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: mypjbeads
SRA Number: D74
 Name: Di Dial
 Studio Name: di-lusional studios
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: dibri
 Etsy ID: dibri
 SRA Number: D36
 Name: Wanda Dillard
 Studio Name: Keeper of the Flame
 Website Address:
 eBay ID:keeperoftheflame1214
SRA Number: D75
 Name: Alison DeCamp
 Studio Name: AlisonDeCampDeSigns
 Website Address:
 Etsy ID:
 SRA Number: D37
 Name: Leah Deeb
 Studio Name: Beads of Passion
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: beadsofpassion
SRA Number: D76
 Name: Alan Davies
 eBay ID:
 Etsy Beads ID:
 SRA Number: D38
 Name: Annie Dunbar
 Studio Name: Quite Cuntrary
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: all_the_rage_designs
SRA Number: D77
Sheila Davis
 Studio Name: Stone Designs
 Etsy ID:
SRA Number: D39
 Name: Kim Dines Bastow
 Studio Name: Lucky Bunny Lampwork
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: luckybunnylampwork
SRA Number: D78
 Name: Jocelyn R. Deskur
 Studio Name: JoJo's Art Glass
 eBay ID: mochafreak5
 eBay Store : You're So Adornable
 Etsy ID:
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