Becky Congdon
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 SRA Number: C1
Greg and Deanna Chase
 Studio Name:
Chase Designs
 Website Address:
 eBay ID:
 Just Beads ID:
SRA Number: C40
 Name: Rosemary Cheslock
 Studio Name: Glass Eye Butterfly
 Website Address:
 SRA Number: C2
 Name: Kari Carrigan
 Studio Name: Wee Gems
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: weegems!
SRA Number: C41
 Name: Gloria Cedillo
 Studio Name: Morning Glory Beads
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: morningglorybeads
 SRA Number: C3
 Name: Mary Beth Laire Callaghan
 Studio Name: Novembersfyre Studio
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: novembersfyre
 Just Beads ID: novembersfyre
SRA Number: C42
 Name: Doug Clark
 Studio Name: Eagle Bay Designs
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: eagle_bay
  SRA Number: C4
 Name: Sue Christian
 Studio Name: BEADZ
SRA Number: C43
 Name: Margie Crow
 Studio Name: Torchin' Time Beads
 Website Address:

 eBay ID: Crows*Nest
 Just Beads ID: Torchn' Time
 SRA Number: C6
 Artist Name:
Dawn Ceccacci
 Studio Name:
Dawn's Glass Art
 Website Address:
 eBay ID:
SRA Number: C44
 Name: Marie-Claude Chapman
 Studio Name: Marie-Claude Chapman
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: mcc*lampwork
 Just Beads ID: garden of eden
 SRA Number: C7
Corinne Claypool
 Studio Name:
Glass Orchid Creations
 Website Address:
 eBay ID:
SRA Number: C45
 Name: Cecilia Cohen
 Studio Name: Glass and Light Israel
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: cec235

 SRA Number: C8
 Name: Misty Cherie
 Studio Name: Misty Cherie ~ Glass Artist
 Website Address 1:
 Website Address 2:
 eBay ID: MistyCherie
 Just Beads ID:

SRA Number: C46
 Name: Bonny Connor
 Studio Name: Playing with Fire Beads
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: 281bonny
  SRA Number: C9
 Studio Name:
 Website Address:
SRA Number: C47
 Name: Becky Congdon
 Studio Name: Rock n Hot Place Studio
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: rcongdon0916
 Just Beads ID: beckycongdon
 SRA Number: C10
Sadie Cuming
 Studio Name:
Sadie's Jewels
 Website Address:
 eBay ID:
SRA Number: C48
 Name: Kath Clarke

 eBay ID: beady-kat
 SRA Number: C11
 Name: Connie Cooper
 Studio Name: Saorsa Studio of Beads
 Website Address:
 Etsy ID:
 Artfire ID:
SRA Number: C49
 Name: Jane Cucchiara
 Studio Name: Janie's Gems
 Website Address:
 SRA Number: C12
 Name: Sally Carver
 Studio Name: Red Hot Sal
 Website Address 1:
 Website Address 2:
 Website Address 3:
 eBay ID: redhotsalbeads
SRA Number: C50
 Name: Jujee Beads
 Studio Name:
 Website Address:

 eBay ID: jujeebeads
 Just Beads ID: jujeebeads
 SRA Number: C13
 Name: Amanda Craigmyle
 Studio Name: The Craftier Side
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: rufusandroxy
SRA Number: C51
 Studio Name:
 Website Address:

 SRA Number: C14
 Name: Kimberly Catherwood
 Studio Name: Palestrina Gifts, Beads & Jewelry
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: palestrina-beads-jewelry
 Just Beads ID: palestrina
SRA Number: C52
 Name: Cindy Carnes
 Studio Name: Laughing Glass
 Website Address:

  SRA Number: C15
 Name: Nicole Childress
 Studio Name: The String Bead
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: Negril99
SRA Number: C53
 Studio Name:
 Website Address:

 SRA Number: C16
 Name: Linda Campbell
 Studio Name: Black Bear Art Glass
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: swampfolk
SRA Number: C54
 Name: Debbie Crowley
 Studio Name: The Glass Hive
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: glassfreek
 SRA Number: C17
 Name: Jettone Foca Casey
 Studio Name: Jettone's World
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: jc102060
 Etsy ID:
SRA Number: C55
 Name: Genea Crivello-Knable
 Studio Name: Genea Beads
 Website Portfolio:
 Etsy ID:
 SRA Number: C18
 Name: Adriana Carusi-DiLiberto
 Studio Name: Blueberry Hill Beads
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: georgia-georgia
 Just Beads ID: blueberryhillbeads
SRA Number: C56
 Name: Christina Colligan
 Studio Name: Dazzles Unique Bijou
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: dazzlesuniquebijou
 Just Beads ID: Ccolligan
 SRA Number: C19
Donna Conklin
 Studio Name:
The Mandrel
 Website Address:
 eBay ID:
SRA Number: C57
 Name: Lynda Chambers
 Studio Name: Splynda Beads
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: Icha
SRA Number: C20
Laura Chapman
 Website Address:
 eBay ID:
SRA Number: C58
 Name: Chris Cobos
 Website Address:
 SRA Number: C21 
Tracie Cosburn  
 eBay ID:
SRA Number: C59
 Name: Angie Catloth
 Studio Name: Limelight Glass Studio
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: grangie53
 SRA Number: C22
Carol Cogan
 Studio Name:
Colgan Designs
 Website Address:
 eBay ID:
SRA Number: C60
 Name: Suzette Celestin
 Studio Name: Gaslite Lampwork Designs
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: Gaslite Lampwork Designs
 SRA Number: C23
Starleen Colon
 Studio Name:
Starleen's Studio
 Website Address:
SRA Number: C61
 Name: Margaret Collins
 Studio Name: Graceful Creations
 Website Address:
graceful creations
 Just Beads ID: amazgrac
 SRA Number: C24
Vanessa Cabrera
 Studio Name:
 Website Address:
 eBay ID:
SRA Number: C62
 Name: Francesca Cerreta
 Studio Name: Sirio Designs
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: siriobeads
  SRA Number: C25
 Name: Shari Cornelius
 Studio Name: Studio77
 eBay ID: Sharibear16
SRA Number: C63
 Name: June Crawshaw
 Studio Name: Gabriel Cottage Studio
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: junecrawshaw
 SRA Number: C26
 Name: Ann Clough
 Studio Name: Clo Glassworks
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: cloglassworks
SRA Number:C64
 Name: Michael Craig
 Studio Name: FlamingFool
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: michaelandbrian
 Just Beads ID: GNARLA
 SRA Number: C27
 Name: Kimberly Cook
 Studio Name: Kimberly Cook Designs
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: kimberlycookdesigns
SRA Number: C65
 Name: Stephanie Cannon
 Studio Name: Stephanie Beads
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: stephaniebeads
 SRA Number: C28
 Name: Sandi Carrico
 Studio Name: Sassy Glass Designs
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: sassyglassdesigns
SRA Number: C66
 Name: Leslie N. Cifelli
 Studio Name: Iron Mountain Jewelry
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: Ironmountain01
  SRA Number: C29
 Name: Mary Anne Cunningham
 Studio Name: MAC Beads
SRA Number: C67
 Name: Kari Chittenden
 Studio Name: Kari's Beads
 Website Address:
  SRA Number: C30
 Name: Shirley Cook
 Studio Name: Jumping Jack Glass
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: jumpdogmom
SRA Number: C68
 Name: Dianne Cracknell
 Studio Name: Dizzy Di
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: buisy-diz
 SRA Number: C31
 Name: Susan Clarkson
 Studio Name: Irish Willow
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: irishwillow
 Just Beads ID: Irish Willow Glass Art
SRA Number: C69
 Name: Chet & Bette Corneliuson
 Studio Name: BC Lampwork
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: bclampwork
  SRA Number: C32
 Name: Lisa Crispin
 Studio Name: Passion for Flame Jewellery
 eBay ID: passionforflame
SRA Number: C70
 Name: Diane Cook
 Studio Name: Dilunah Glass
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: glassdinah
  SRA Number: C33
 Name: Patti Cahill
 Studio Name: Dyed in the Fire Designs
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: Patti Cahill
 Etsy ID:
SRA Number: C71
 Name: Jane Crosby
 Studio Name: Dangerous Beads
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: enajysborc
 Etsy ID:
 SRA Number: C34
 Name: Debora Cox
 Studio Name: Facets Designs
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: dcox33
 Just Beads ID: dcox3
SRA Number: C72
 Name: Barb Cohan-Saavedra
 Studio Name: Barb Cohan
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: bjcohan
 Just Beads ID: bjcohan
 SRA Number: C35
 Name: Eytan Corech
 Studio Name: Eytan Glass and Stone
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: ecorech
 Just Beads ID: ecorech
SRA Number: C73
 Name: Beth Hohenberger
 Studio Name: Half Moon Beads
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: halfmoonbeads
 Just Beads ID: halfmoonbeads
  SRA Number: C36
 Name:Melanie Carey
 Studio Name:Glass Valley Lampwork Beads
 eBay ID:Glassvalley
 Etsy ID:
SRA Number: C74
 Name: Julie Couch
 Studio Name: Julie's Glass Beads
 Website Address:
 SRA Number: C37
 Name: Martha Clower
 Studio Name: Open Heart Jewelry
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: openheartjewelry
SRA Number: C75
 Name: Kelly Crosser Alge
 Studio Name: Modern Ancient Glass
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: shardsharkz
 SRA Number: C38
 Name: Kim Calhoun
 Studio Name: Beads by TxRose
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: tx*rose
 Just Beads ID: Tx*Rose
SRA Number: C76
 Name: Roberta Cohan
 Studio Name: Beads Gone Wild
 SRA Number: C39
 Name: Dwight & Penny Clark
 Studio Name: jxArtGlass Studio
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: jxartglass
SRA Number: C77
 Name: Crystal Clark
 Studio Name: Dances with Fire
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: danceswithfirebeads
 Just Beads ID: danceswithfire
 Etsy ID:
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