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SRA Number: S1
 Studio Name:
 Website Address:

SRA Number: S40
 Name: Ann Schneider
 Studio Name: Anna Cinelli Designs
 Website Address: annacinelli.com
 eBay ID: ann*schneider

SRA Number: S2
 Name: Kimberly Scott
 Studio Name: Heavenly Fire Lampwork
 Website Address:heavenlyfire.com
 eBay ID: AVCKimberly
 Just Beads ID: AVC Kimberly
SRA Number: S41
 Name: Colleen Schuck
 Studio Name: Flame Kissed Art Glass

 Website Address: flamekissedartglass.com
 eBay ID: flamekissedartglass

SRA Number: S3
 Name: Janine and John Shea
 Studio Name: Ghost Town Glass
 Website Address: ghosttownglass.com
 eBay ID: ghost-town-glass
 Just Beads ID:
SRA Number: S42
 Name: Renee Sutton

 Studio Name: Blue Moon Glass Studio
 eBay ID: BlueMoonGlassStudio

SRA Number: S4
 Name: Candace Sargent
 Studio Name: Belisama Designs
 Website Address: belisamadesigns.com
 eBay ID: belisamadesigns
 Just Beads ID: Belisama
SRA Number: S43
 Name: Lynn Skaves
 Studio Name: Silver Moon Lampwork
 eBay ID: silvermoonlampwork

SRA Number: S5
 Name: Susan Sheehan
 Studio Name: Susansimages
 Website Address: susansimages.com
 eBay ID: susheke
 Just Beads ID: susheke
SRA Number: S44
 Studio Name: Parrott Flameworks
 Website Address: parrottflameworks.com
 eBay ID: lorijcreation
 Just Beads ID: LoriBird
 Annealer ID: Parrott Flameworks
SRA Number: S6
 Name: Glennie Sims
 Studio Name: Calm Water Studio
 Website Address: calmwaterstudio.com
 eBay ID: calmwaterstudio

 SRA Number: S45
 Name: Karen Sandberg
 Studio Name: Karen Sandberg Studio

 Website Address: karensandbergstudio.com
 eBay ID: KSSLampwork

SRA Number: S7
 Name: Barbara Svetlick
 Studio Name: River of Glass Studio
 Website Address: riverofglassstudio.com
 eBay ID: BarBarb1
SRA Number: S46
 Name: Deborah Spence

 Studio Name: Glass Firenze
 Website Address: glassfirenze.com
 eBay ID: glassfirenze

SRA Number: S8
 Name: Kandice Seeber
 Studio Name: Air and Earth Designs
 Website Address: lampwork.net
 eBay ID: kseeber
 Just Beads ID: airandearth
SRA Number: S47
 Name: Fleurette Sevin
 Studio Name: Flower7Designs

 Website Address: flower7.com
 eBay ID: Flower7

SRA Number: S9
 Name: Denise Smith
 Studio Name: DKS Lampwork

 Website Address: dkslampwork.com
 eBay ID: dks_lampwork

SRA Number: S48
 Name: Rose Secen-Hondros
 Studio Name: Gypsy Rose Creations
 Website Address: jrhc.biz
 eBay ID: wild_gypsy_rose

SRA Number: S10
 Studio Name:
 Website Address:

SRA Number: S49
 Name: Lorraine Spurling
 Studio Name: The Lil Glass Shack
 Website Address: thelilglassshack.com
 Just Beads ID: LSpurling
SRA Number: S11
 Name: Helen Simon
 Studio Name: Helen's Harvest
 Website Address: helensharvest.com
 eBay ID: helensharvest
 Just Beads ID: helensharvest
SRA Number: S50
 Name: Kathy Sancken
 Studio Name: Artwhim
 Website Address: artwhim.com
 eBay ID: Artwhim
 SRA Number: S12
 Artist Name: Michal Silberberg
 Studio Name: Michal-S
 Website Address: michal-s.com
 eBay ID: m-silbeads

SRA Number: S51
 Name: Nancy I. Safko

 Studio Name: Kaleidoglass

 Website Address: kaleidoglassstudio.com
 eBay ID: Kaleidoglass

 SRA Number: S13
 Name: Holliday (Holli) Smith
 Studio Name: Holliday Smith Art Jewelry
 Website Address: hollidaysmith.com
 eBay ID: dragonseyeglassworks

 SRA Number: S52
 Name: Suzanne Smith

 Studio Name: River's Edge Glass
 Website Address: friendsofbilljewelry.com
 eBay ID: StLouisBiker

SRA Number: S14
 Name: Kalera Stratton
 Studio Name: The Bead Wife
 Website Address: beadwife.com
 eBay ID: Beadwife
 Just Beads ID: Beadwife
 SRA Number: S53
 Name: Lisa Schneider
 Studio Name: Studio 77
 eBay ID: laschneider61

SRA Number: S15
 Name: Dr. Galia Shy

 Studio Name: Glassy Lady
 Website Address: glassy-lady.com
 eBay ID: galiaglass

 SRA Number: S54
 Name: Erika Schultz
 Studio Name: Heartbreaker Beadworks
 Website Address: heartbreakerbeadworks.com
 eBay ID: heartbreaker*beads

SRA Number: S16
 Name: Vena Sensenbaugh
 Studio Name: Haute Beadz
 Website Address: hautebeadz.com
 eBay ID: hautebeadz
 Just Beads ID: Hautebeadz
SRA Number: S55
 Name: Beverly Sharrow
 Studio Name: BJo Glassy Beads
 Website Address:
 eBay ID 1: BestofBevS      eBay ID 2: BJO
SRA Number: S17
 Name: Haley M. Smith
 Studio Name: BuckleBottom Beads
 Website Address: bucklebottom.com
 eBay ID: bucklebottombeads
SRA Number: S56
 Name: Teresa Silbert
 Studio Name: Hobo Glass
 Website Address: hoboglass.com
 eBay ID: hoboglass

SRA Number: S18
 Name: Chad and Heather Samson
 Studio Name: Blue Flame Art Glass Studio & Gallery
 Website Address: blueflameart.net
 eBay ID: honeybeadzdesigns
 eBay ID 2: blueflameartgallery

SRA Number: S57
 Name: Noreen Slaminski
 Studio Name: Creations by Noreen
 eBay ID: norriemae
SRA Number: S19
 Name: Angela Schoonen
 Studio Name: Angela Schoonen Lampwork Beads & Jewelry
 Website Address: angelaschoonen.com
 eBay ID: angelaschoonenlampwork

SRA Number: S58
 Name: Laura Sparling
 Studio Name: Beads by Laura
 Website Address: beadsbylaura.co.uk
 eBay ID: beads_by_laura

SRA Number: S20
 Name: Dan Sivers
 Studio Name: Glass Essentials Studio
 eBay ID: blamor1

SRA Number: S59
 Name: Jerell Skirboll
 Studio Name: Soft Glass, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
 Website Address: JerellJewelry.com
SRA Number: S21
 Name: Jody Schiavo
 Studio Name: Elasia's Gifts
 Website Address: elasiasgifts.com
 eBay ID: Wolfpawz
 Just Beads ID: Elasia
SRA Number: S60
 Name: Melanie Smith
 Studio Name: Precious Beads & Fantasies
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: precious_beads
       eBay id 2: fantasy_beads

SRA Number: S22
 Name: Michael Skeen

 Studio Name: Mickey and Madeline Art Glass
 Website Address: gimmebeads.com

SRA Number: S61
 Name: Stacia Schmidt
 Studio Name: ZaZa Designs
 Website Address: zazadesigns.com
 eBay ID: staciabeads
SRA Number: S23
 Name: Robin Schretter
 Studio Name: Robinesse
 eBay ID: robinesse_boutique
SRA Number: S62
 Name: Connie Sonderby
 Studio Name: Connie's Art Glass
 Website Address: conniesartglass.com
 eBay ID: conniemarie33

SRA Number: S24
 Name: Cami Solberg
 Studio Name: Crystal Fire Designs
 Website Address: crystalfire24.com

SRA Number: S63
 Name: Silke Stocker
 Studio Name: Strigidae
 eBay ID: strigidae1

SRA Number: S25
 Name: Janelle Spahr and Daniel Caracas

 Studio Name: Sortaflowering Designs
 Website Address: sortafloweringdesigns.com
 eBay ID: Sortaflowering

SRA Number: S64
 Name: Sherri Smith
 Studio Name: Dixie Moon
 Website Address: dixiemoonbeads.com
 eBay ID: dixiemoonbeads
 Just Beads ID: shesmi
SRA Number: S26
 Name: Kendra Sanders
 Studio Name: Bead Still My Heart
 Website Address: beadstillmyheart.com
 eBay ID: musicbuyerjeff

SRA Number: S65
 Name: Elise Swope
 Studio Name: Sunset Beads
 Website Address: sunsetbeads.com
 eBay ID: sunset_beads
SRA Number: S27
 Name: Sarah J. Schalken
 Studio Name: SJS Glasswork & Creations
 Website Address: members.home.nl/sjsglasswork
 eBay ID: sjsglasswork
 Just Beads ID: sjsglasswork
SRA Number: S66
 Name: Moon Stumpp
 Studio Name: Jackalope Studio
 Website Address: thejackalope.com
 eBay ID: Jackalopestudio
SRA Number: S28
 Name: Angelika Schott
 Studio Name: Calisto
 Website Address: calistobeads.com
 eBay ID: bead2you
 Just Beads ID: bead4you
SRA Number: S67
 Studio Name:
 Website Address:

SRA Number: S29
 Name: Julia Benson-Slaughter
 Studio Name: Art of the Firebird
 Website Address: artofthefirebird.com
 Blog: artofthefirebird.com/blog
 Artfire ID: artofthefirebird.artfire.com
 1000 Markets: artofthefirebird.1000markets.com

SRA Number: S68
 Name: Lisa Sharik
 Studio Name: Plain & Fancy Lampwork
 Website Address: paflampwork.com
 eBay ID: storkandstork
SRA Number: S30
 Name: Dawn Scannell
 Studio Name: Art Insomnia

 Website Address: art-insomnia.com
 eBay ID: art_insomnia

SRA Number: S69
 Name: Christine Sutter
 Studio Name: Fire Lush Studio
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: christine*sutter
 Just Beads ID: firelush
SRA Number: S31
 Name: Dorris Sorensen
 Studio Name: Dorris Beads
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: flopearedbear
 eBay store: Dorris Beads

SRA Number: S70
 Name: Mary & Jack Shafer
 Studio Name: J & M Jewelry Designs
 Website Address: jandmjewelrydesign.com

SRA Number: S32
 Name: Diane Sweeney
 Studio Name: Grover Glass Studio
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: DiPat66
 Just Beads ID: DiPat
SRA Number: S71
 Name: Sue Simmons
 Studio Name: The Bead Shed
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: thebeadshed
SRA Number: S33
 Name: Kathy Schick
 Studio Name: Laurel Lane Studios
 Website Address: laurellanestudios.com
SRA Number: S72
 Name: Paula St. Jean
 Website Address:
SRA Number:
 Studio Name:
 Website Address:

SRA Number: S73
 Name: Renna Schmitz
 Studio Name: Silver Springs Lampwork
 eBay ID: silverspringsrenna086
SRA Number: S35
 Name: Patricia Scoggins
 Studio Name: Sacred Art Beads
 Website Address: sacredartbeads.com
 eBay ID: calamitysclan
 Just Beads ID: calamitysclan
SRA Number: S74
 Name: Lori Smith
 Studio Name: Lampwork by Lori
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: Lampworkbylori
SRA Number: S36
 Name: Julie Schmidt
 Studio Name: Autochthonous Evolved
 Website Address: autochthonous-evolved.com
 eBay ID: julieschmidt76
 Just Beads ID: AutEv
SRA Number: S75
 Name: Joe Sclemmer
 Studio Name: Mad Man Marbles
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: thelindley
SRA Number: S37
 Name: Christy Slavinsky
 Studio Name: Burntfingers
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: patyc8ks31
 Just Beads ID: burntfingers
SRA Number: S76
 Name: Helen Stoughton
 Studio Name: Firefly Glass Designs
 eBay ID: firefly*glass
SRA Number: S38
 Name: Alexandra Spinglaschell
 Studio Name: alexandra95062 designs
 Website Address: alexandra95062
 eBay ID: alexandra95062

SRA Number: S77
 Name: Johanna Stephenson
 Studio Name: Canyon Echoes
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: oranda17
SRA Number: S39
 Name: Brenda Simpson
 Studio Name: Brenda Simpson Designs
 eBay ID: brendabeads

SRA Number: S78
 Name: Andrea Schwenk
 Website Address:
 eBay ID: Feuerfilz
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